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We specialize in providing electrical engineering solutions for your business. Our services include the following areas:

  • Investigation:

    In order to fulfill all the requirements of our customers, research is an essential tool to determine the technical viability, scope and development of a product, analysis of new technologies, etc.

  • Software:

    Specific software development in the most popular platforms: Java,. Net, labview, web designs.

  • Schematic Development:

    Circuit diagrams design, generation and export.

  • Circuit Simulation:

    Circuit simulation using specific software. Report generation.

  • DIP & SMD Printed circuit development:

    We work with vast experience in PCB design, in both DIP and surface mount components (SMD). Wide “know how” to work with many layers to achieve high levels of integration.

  • Hardware modeling (3D, step)

    Components and/or prototypes modeling to facilitate and provide the housing design where it will be mounted. On the development phase it helps to appreciate the size and real components distribution.

  • Microcontrollers programming:

    Firmware development for specific applications.

  • Mobile platforms (Cell phone)

    Mobile platforms “Smartphones” Android and iPhone Apps. developments.

  • Assembly and testing of prototypes

    We have a laboratory equipped with the necessary tools to assemble and test prototypes before delivery to our clients.

  • Retrofitting:

    Re design, transform or improve existing products of our customers.


We work for your business as you do your business better. We adjust our processes to provide solutions according to the Standards of our customers. Confidentiality is guaranteed in our work.


If you are looking to develop and realize an idea, analyze the modification of an existing product or need to know the technical feasibility of a development, we provide our customers with our “know how” and our research capacity.


We combine our engineering solutions with our expertise in project management to provide development of a high professional level.

Using our tools we can take the idea of our client, turn it into an operational prototype in their hands and then into a final product manufactured in series.

Our developments seek to satisfy our customers, so we believe the most important step is the definition and understanding of all the technical characteristics (inputs) of our projects. To achieve this we are continually in contact regardless of distances and times.