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Who we are

Offering a service oriented to the innovation, quality and continuous improvement, our company provides effective solutions in research, design and electronics products development.

We help and advice our customers in order to realize their ideas or projects, ensuring quality and cost goals that feet their needs.

We have a electronics and computer systems Engineering team, highly trained and updated, whose experience, responsibility, commitment and knowledge is embedded and deployed in each project.

We specialize in:

- New Electronic products research, design and development.

- Product and Process Reengineering.

- Production of high quality functional prototypes.

- Software development platform for electronic systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone).

- Professional advice to technology companies.

- Third-party / suppliers coordination (nationally and internationally).

- New technology capability analysis.

Our experience:

Ignacio A. Badella

Electronics Engineer

31 years

Profesional career:

Renault Argentine, Honeywell SAIC, Mega Tecnología S.A.

Pablo M. Boggio

Electronics Engineer

32 years

Profesional career:

Mega Tecnología S.A., Starbene S.A., Biomed S.A., Edival S.A.