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Remote GSM metter

Remote GSM metter



Mega Tecnolgía S.A. (ARG)

This is a device designed for remote data recollection through the GSM technology with HTTP. It has analog inputs, analogs outputs and digital outputs that can be configured from a software installed on a web server.

It works with external power supply or with an integrated battery with more than 3 years lifetime.

This way of working gives to the user a way to get data on a remote locating through the internet. It can be programmed for periodic measures because it came with an internal clock. It also, could be configured with different alarms when one or more parameter is out of range, with the possibility of sending a SMS message when this occurs.

The first application will be mounted and enclosed into a home water measure system. This system will improve the actual measure from home user to the water administrator of the city.

This development includes: electronic circuit development, 4 layers PCB development, microcontroller firmware and HTTP software to test the prototypes. All necessary documentation was provided so the customer could implement it.