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Basketball SmartWatch



Aiello Designs, LLC (EEUU)

First basketball smartwatch of the world!

The project consists of 2 modules, a host as a user watch and a remote module able to capture events located on the ring side.

SmartWatch: Is a module that consists in a display of 1.5 “65K color, controlled by using 4 inputs tacts, Also, a 915MHz radio frequency communication, internal memory for the storage, buzzer, rechargeable Li-ion battery and USB connection This host module indicates by the display the trainning routing that the user has to develop. During the training process it communicates with the receiver module to display events and store statistics into the memory so it could be displayed on the screen or downloaded to the PC software. This one fits in a wrist watch hose.

Shot Detector: A detector module that is placed on the basketball through a simple magnetic system and detects the converted and the unconverted shots through an optical sensor and an accelerometer module. This information is sent over the 915 MHz link to the HOST wrist watch that analyzes this information and stores it statistically. It has two working frequencies, this gives the user the possibility to use two systems with out interference.

The development includes a software to download and upload data to the host module.

As a first step, it was developed as a prototype to understand how it works and deemostrate to the client the resuslts of his ideas. Then, due to the excellent results obtained, a redesign was made to reach the final product.

Hardware: Schematic and PCB development was made for 2 modules by using surface mount technology for attaining the highest level of integration, BOM (bill of materials), gerbers (file output), firmware and manuals were given to the customer.

Software: Application Development in Java platform.