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Sole sanitizer

Sole sanitizer



Segue (EEUU) / Inntech Solutions (ARG)

The project consists of one device used for shoe soles sterilization by exposure to ultraviolet light.

The device consists on a cabinet similar to a personal scale for weighing (carpet type format). The same has two openings for foot placement when the user step on. The user presence is detected through switch sensors,then. the sterilization cycle starts with a predefined sequence. The accidental exposure to ultraviolet light is ensured by using a specific gel carpet for this purpose between the light source and the outside. Through visual and audible signals the status of the process is prompted to the user until the end of the cycle.

The development includes the complete hardware redesign (the client has a first prototype). This was done in conjunction with a third company responsible for the design of the housing. For hardware redesign, Our team work together with customer China headquarters, where the product was finally assembled. The microcontroller firmware that manages all processes and programs was also developed.

Ats a first step, 8 demo prototypes were assembled for technology stands and then, due to the excellent results obtained, the final documentation was release so the production process could take place (estimated annual volume 50000 units).

Hardware: Schematics and PCB were developed for 2 modules that interconnect between. Surface mount technology was used to obtain the highest level of integration, BOM (bill of materials), gerbers (file output), firmware and manuals were provided.