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We provide technological solutions services tailored to the needs of our clients.

About Us

We provide solutions to our clients with technology and innovation.

What makes us different?

We are a Professionals network connected in order to give solutions to projects in an integral way.
Our experience in project management with Agile methodologies gives us flexibility and adaptability to meet our clients requirements.


Today your products, processes and services have to evolve quickly.
Our experience in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical integration with Computer Systems provides solutions and support for all stages of your project.

Mechanical Design

CAD design
3D design
Parts drawings
Devices design

Electric / Electronic design

Circuit and PCB design
Wire harness design
Wiring drawings
Technical specifications

Re engineering





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Prototype development

Complete development of a wireless command communication system for a high-rise crane. Graphically reproduces the commands required by the operator.

Electrical design

Developments of wiring diagrams for already assembled systems. Connections research, lengths , wiring diagrams, BOM’s generation and assembly recommendations.

Electronic development

Development of the first smartwatch for basketball training. It has a 1.5″” color screen, wireless communication with the detector in the hoop,
activity log, monitoring software and programming new game modes.

Mechanical Design

Development of drawings and exploded views from 3D parts. Generation of manufacturing documents .